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September 2016

How was my day


Світ мене п**див, але не вп**див…

for those who understand Ukrainian classics


To Tell or not to Tell, these f*** Questions are Bothering Me


Can you imagine a situation when there is a project where both sides don’t give a sh** about the interests of each other, or it is better to say, one side cares and the other just %^(&^%? It happens all the time, it is life, it is so human – these words I hear all the time and you know, I am fed up with them. If I care, why should I work with those who don’t. So I won’t, thanks a lot!



Autumn-summerish mood

Feel out of myself today. The selt is still in summer and me is in the autumn. It rains while the sun is shining. It is cold but when the harsh wind stops blowing it is really warm. Nothing to rely on, the events are hectic and my mood changes several times per minute.



Беговое утреннее

Хорошо бегать по утрам. Воздух еще свободен от впечатлений, а значит прозрачен и чист. Бег – это медитация. Главное держаться мыслью за дорогу, за поле и за дыхание и не убегать вперед на день, неделю, месяц.

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