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The ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything


October 2016


Неискренность, неуверенность, неловкость одеваются в одежды чрезмерной вежливости


we have nothing even if we do have something


We come here naked and leave this place naked too. So just get used to the fact that all will perish and decompose eventually, so why worry too much.

Here in India where there is too much of everything, too much



The city of 1000 temples crowded and busy, with all indian features and moods. Shiva temples, Vishnu temples where crowds of barefut people come to ask gods something or to thank them. Continue reading “Kancipuram”



Индийское настрое не всегда ровное, нe всeгда приятноe, иногда, вытаскивающее самые неприглядные стороны характера. Continue reading “Индийское”

Of Being a Joke…


There comes a day when one might feel like being a joke… One can not understand it at that very moment but some time later (even years later) that understanding finally dawns on you and it is too late to feel sorry or uneasy or awkward because there are no spectators of you being a joke and those who remember do not care. Continue reading “Of Being a Joke…”


In business they say that it is hard to work because of unstable turbulent environment, crisis, taxes, competition. True, it is really hard. But what can be  more unstable and uncertain and unpredictable than a human life? I guess unpredictability is the essence of all things and stability is luxury which a rare man can afford.



Сериал “Однажды в сказке” (Once Upone a Time). Шестой сезон. Эдмон Дантес хочет убить Белоснежку и Прекрасного Принца, а Злая Королева ему пытается помешать.

У меня все …




Бывают такие мусорные дни, от которых очень хочется побыстрее очиститься и забыть. Даже небольшие приятности не спасают такие дни. Суета, много движений, пустых разговоров. Continue reading “мусорноe”



What can one say when there is nothing to say but some words about some trifles. Silence is really golden. Keep silent till you are asked and say precious meaningful words. Getting old 😦

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