How does it feel being hurt? Everybody knows. Still, I realized that there is no need to be hurt even when I feel that prick in my heart. It is just an emotion that can be either fully experienced or taken out and put aside. I allow myself to be hurt and if it is so , I can separate my feeling self from it. It is easier said than done. It is better to start practising with something not very painful, not with a broken heart, or gross humiliation. We are just humans and this skill needs muscles.

Begin with a slightly hurt pride or some unmet expectations. When you are not head and toes in this feeling there is a tiny crack in the unpleasant emotion through which you can slip out and look at the whole situation from above or from aside if you will. It is possible to separate oneself from that feeling and minimise it. When you managed, return to where you were before and feel that pain again. Allow yourself to bathe in it, make it stronger and then once again escape outside through that very crack. It is like breathing in and breathing out, become easier as you practice.