Should this story of three cousins King George V of Great Britain, Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany, and Tsar Nicholas II of Russia develop some other way, could we have a different history? Or it is just a matter of time that people eventually do destroy each other? 

I see in this story a consequence of miscommunications caused by pride, tradition, lack of emotional intelligence, fear of public judgement and cowardice. I realise perfectly well that it takes a huge amount of courage, almost wisdom of a Buddha to do the right thing despite public judgement, customs and traditions and bear the consequences which might follow.

I feel so sorry for the fates of all those millions  and millions of people involved in the First and consequently the Second World Wars. My relatives have been there too. And I feel sorry for those who had all the power to stop it and even prevent it. Just try to imagine what course could our history take if George hadn’t refused to give shelter to his cousin Nicholas’ family and all those children were saved. I understand that the bolsheviks would hardly allow that to happen but still, the intention itself might change something.

My husband and my dear friend keeps telling me that what if questions are useless and pointless. What have to happen happens anyway. However I see that one tiny decision of a single human, his or her careless attitude to somebody’s pain, misinterpretation of others words can cause a war. It might be an invisible war inside an unknown family that leads to its devastation. And likewise it might be an inner war inside a ruling family which eventually causes devastation of a whole humankind. It would take decades and even centuries to heal it if healing is possible at all.

History lessons are learnt, but still by a few…