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May 2017




Everything you need to know about motivation

God of Nails


It seems to me that there is a tiny god of nails who demands some sacrifices every time a manicure is made. Continue reading “God of Nails”

Reading Nonstop


Quite a spectacular company and place to spend a weekend with. Gods, heroes, people, time traveling through thousands of years. It is really worth reading it before watching that. 🙂 Continue reading “Reading Nonstop”


drink me

When envy stings it is better to feel it fully, admit it and face it. It is better to dismantle it and see what it is made of. It might be even interesting to see the mechanism at work: Continue reading “Envy”


Open book

Бывает просто хорошо от пустоты ничегонеделанья. Время от времени пустоту можно оставлять и нырять в какую-нибудь историю. Любую, от известных романов до соседских мелодрам и сантабарбар.

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