Recently I’ve read an article on some business-advice page. It was something about get rid of all engeneers and take creative people. They’ll do the job and find new ways for old issues. There are also numerous talks and writings about future professions and skills they require from our children in future. They all are about get soft skills and forget cramming as in future robots and computers will do the job. All we need is to be creative critical thinkers able to work in a team and individually.

I agree that our educational system requires serious transformation. And I also know for sure that when my car breaks down or there is something wrong with my health, I want to find a professional who has been cramming teory for several years and then had more than 10 years of practice and had seen all possible issues and read all modern researches in his or her field. I need them to be hard working professionals who had had their 10000 hours of practice and hard work and who are still learning and asking questions “what if…”. 🙂

Soft is good, for sure. But I am ready to forgive a Dr. House for his ways if he saves my life because he diagnosed the case in time and assigned the therapy that was really needed.