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Appreciating Time

When your time, thoughts and even your body become not quite yours, when there is a tiny human being that claims, that your time belongs to him, you begin appreciating every minute you might have for yourself. Continue reading “Appreciating Time”



Кофе без кофеина

Овсяное молоко

Вот оно

Счастливое материнство

Life of a freelancer 100 years ago


“January, February and beginning of March – are the spring of light. Ice drift in the skies is better to observe while you are in a big city with your head back, watching up among the masses of stone houses. Continue reading “Life of a freelancer 100 years ago”

Snow in March


Every spring has to pass through snowfalls and dive into final winter frosts to become stronger and even more beautiful. Continue reading “Snow in March”

1st of March


We have survived this winter. Still, the winter seems unwilling to leave us and keeps snowing, storming and covering us under its huge blankets of snow. It doesn’t bother me much as this winter I enjoy the possibility and opportunity to work from home. Continue reading “1st of March”

Winter is Here


I cannot say that I am winter’s huge fun. Drizzle freezing in the air and on the roads is not in the list of my fave things. But some days, even coldest ones, may feel my heart with some kind of calm joy. Especially sunny ones when I do not have to drive to the city and can work from home. Continue reading “Winter is Here”



У нас тут дождь замерзает на лету, на машинах и на дорогах. Все скользят, колеса прокручиваются и не могут зацепиться за дорогу, машины заносит в отбойники. Continue reading “Гололедное”



За стол садились не по старшинству. Глупая старость жалка не менее, чем трусливая юность. И не по богатству. Подкладка тяжелого кошелька сшита из слез…

И.Э. Бабель “Король”




Оказывается, оплодотворение яйцеклетки – не такая уж случайность. Ученые во всю исследуют гипотезу, согласно которой яйцеклетка – не пассивный наблюдатель, а активный участник процесса оплодотворения. Continue reading “Удивленное”

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